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tv   The Early Show  CBS  September 18, 2010 8:00am-10:00am EDT

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double danger hurricane igor strengthens to a category o 2 threatening the east coast with rip tides. karl kills two in mexico leaving destruction in its wake. live with the latest. palin power. after a huge week in the primaries, sarah palin caps it off in iowa the land that makes or breaks presidential candidates. looking to be a king-maker or king. >> as in good parent would, we stood by our daughter. until yesterday we believed her fully fully. why did this attractive
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young woman throw acid on her own face. lindsay's new low. she admits failing her drug test and violating her probation yet again. now, she may be headed back to jail. all that and morning on "the early show" this saturday september 18th, 2010 captioning funded by cbs hi everyone. welcome to "the early show" on a saturday morning i'm chris wragge. >> good morning, i'm betty nguyen for erica hill. >> the connecticut home invasion a story we've followed all week talked about all over the nation right now. >> chilling. >> it is awful. >> one of the worst stories o out there. what we'll talk about the petit family from cheshire connecticut did the local law enforcement have the resources and training to better handle a situation like that. we'll discuss that. >> also another top story, the weather of course at least two
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people are dead after hurricane carl barrelled through central mexico. damage is widespread and more trouble brewing in the atlantic. o our correspondent don teague is in irving texas with the latest. good morning, don. >> reporter: good morning, betty. many parts of texas are still feeling the effects from the last tropical system that made landfall in mexico about two weeks ago. you can see the water in the dallas area is still very high. now, hurricane karl won't cause flooding here in texas but it's already caused significant damage in mexico. hurricane karl crashed ashore near veracruz mexico friday as a category 3 storm with sustained winds of 115 miles per hour and torrential rain. at least eight inches fell in just 90 minutes as the storm made landfall causing widespread flooding and mud slides that destroyed homes and killed at least two people. tens of thousands were left without electricity as hurricane-force winds knocked
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down power lines and hundreds of trees. now, another monster hurricane is set to make landfall. this one in the north atlantic, where hurricane igor is closing in on bermuda. residents there are making final preparations as igor approaches expected to make landfall sunday with winds up to 110 miles per hour. it could be the worst hurricane ever to make a direct hit on bermuda. igor isn't expected to o threaten the u.s. but will cause heavy surf and dangerous rip currents along the eastern seaboard. for a time yesterday, there were actually three hurricanes in the atlantic at the same time that was the first time that's happened in about 12 years. fortunately, none of those hurricanes is currently directly threatening the u.s. betty? >> that's good news. all right, don teague from dallas thank you so much for that. now to lonnie quinn, tracking the storm. good morning, lonnie. >> i want to give everybody a
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current p oture of the atlantic basin right now. you heard from don. here's what karl is doing as we speak. yesterday the day of karl, a horrible storm for mexico pushing onshore as a category 2 but dispainted so no longer a hurricane or o tropical storm now dealing with a remnant low. this weekend igor will push towards bermuda, a category 2 moving to the northwest at 13 with maximum winds of 110 miles per hour and right behind it julia, a tropical storm but will be a storm just for the fish. we have for focus on i goir a projected path hasn't changed much over the entire week still moving over top of bermuda but the timing is slower now looks to be a monday event as opposed to a sunday event as a category 2 with winds as you heard don say up to 110 miles per hour potentially the worst direct hit bermuda has taken. along the coast of the u.s. talking rip currents dangerous surf churned up by both storms
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in the atlantic. that's a quick look here at the hurricane picture. back to you. a tough season hurricane-wise tornado-wise here in new york city. the weather is going crazy out there. >> lonnie thank you. >> sarah palin testing the waters for 2012. the former republican vice presidential candidate was in way friday site of the first presidential caucus where she delivered a fooir ree speech at a fund-raiser. dean reynolds has the report. >> reporter: the significance of her trip to iowa was obvious, first to hold the presidential caucuses for the 2012 campaign iowa is where winners sometimes go on to bigger and better things. >> it's time for no more business as usual. it is time to take our country back. >> reporter: palin did not tip her hand on her plans, burr her mere presence in iowa has created a buzz about her intentions. >> she's going to need to start to signal people whether she's in the race. >> reporter: she has been stumping hard for her favorites,
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many of them tea party insurgents including christine o'donnell who won and upsay the in delaware's senate primary tuesday and scoffed at critics during a speech in washington friday. >> will they attack us? yes. will they smear our back grounds and distort our records? undoubtedly. the small elite don't get us. they call us wacky. they call us wing-o nuts. we call us we the people. >> reporter: as for palin, she urged the des moines crowd to stay for o cussed. >> there are better days ahead. november 2nd is just ahead and that's shaping up to be a great day for america. >> reporter: for o cuss o on this election, she said. not the next one. not yet. dean reynolds cbs news des moines. joining us from washington, d.c., to talk about her political power oh, our political analyst john dickerson. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so she speaks last night at the dinner in des moines. what does this say about sarah
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palin 2012. >> it says she's keeping all of her options open. you know she's running an insurgency here in the republican party but last night the dinner was an establishment event so she's kind of playing it both ways and going just fine for her at the moment. >> a takeaway line from last night, we don't need to o fundamentally transform america but restore america, that said by her pictured on the screen right now. let me ask you, do you in your heart of hearts feel she will run in 2012? >> i don't know about my heart of hearts but if you look at the tee leaves it certainly looks like she is considering a run and in kind of a new way. also if you are considering a run, you have to show up in iowa. so it does look like she's doing what she needs to do to run in 2012. of course, if she doesn't run, she has this ability now to be a king maker in the republican party, quite powerful too. >> the tea party has a successful week. is much directly linked to sarah palin, christine o'donnell from delaware being one of the people
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i'm talking about there? >> sarah palin has a role certainly by picking christine o'donnell kind of moved the cameras that direction but the tea party's greatest influence helping most is probably barack obama. the tea party movement itself is angry with the president and angry with washington. and sarah palin is channelling that. but certainly those other influences are what has the tea party going. >> let me ask you this. is sarah palin, her influence restricted to o just these republican primaries or do we think come midterms in november she can have a real impact yet again? >> that's the big question. she in our cbs poll this week polled very well among conservatives and tea party members but among the larger pop lace not that popular. the question is can she do something to turn around her image with the rest of the country or can she find some new equation new way to build votes with an unpopularity in a large section of the population.
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before i get to that poll i want to ask are democrats, do you think they are scared or of her or like you said do they like the fact that her unpopular numbers are soaring right now in some sectors, and some democrats say, you know our best fund-raiser is sarah palin? >> that's exactly right, they do say that. there are some who are giddy at the prospect sarah palin will become or be seen as the republican leader. but i think there are also i know there are other o detective strategists who find her very dangerous and mysterious and, while they may not like her particularly, they respect the fact she can turn out voters and she can get people enthusiastic about candidates and she is unpredictable and all of those things do make some democrats worried about her. >> let me quickly get to the one poll a recent cbs/"new york times" poll americans asked which public person best represents the republican party today, 62% including half republicans could not name someone but among those who did name someone sarah palin got 6%
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of the vote right there. is she the best i guess, representative of the republican party right now, in your eyes. >> 6% is awfully low. she's not really the leader of the party. certainly the white house and democrats would like her to be because they know about the negatives but the republican party is in a searching moment here and probably won't find its leader until it gets a nominee for the 2012 race. >> john thank you very much. good talking to you this morning. >> you, too. >> betty? pope benedict xvi is continuing visiting england as planned despite an alleged terror plot. our correspondent is live in london with the latest. good morning, elizabeth. >> reporter: good morning. just a mass at westminster cathedral, the catholic cathedral in the center of london. we've been able to listen to it. it was broadcast on speakers into the streets. the crowds were so huge the cathedral was full and they spilled out outside. security, yes, it was visible but not extreme considering as you mentioned six men were picked up yesterday under the
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british terrorism act suspected of planning something that would threaten the pope's visit, although details on who they are and what that plot might have been are still very thin. the scare didn't change the pope's schedule at all. even after it emerged the men, most reported of north african origin worked at street cleaners and so would have been able to circulate inconspicuously in the crowds of people lining the streets to see the pope or attending an outdoor vigil this afternoon in london's hyde park. >> we can say we are totally confident in the work of the police of scotland yard. >> reporter: it's been 28 years since a pope has said mass in westminster cathedral. >> let us pray. >> reporter: in his address to london's catholic this morning, including the former prime minister and his wife pope benedict once again apologized for the child abuse committed as he said within the church and by her ministers the. >> above all, i express my deep
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sorrow to the innocent victims of these unspeakable crimes. >> reporter: uncompromising words but still not enough to satisfy protesters and victims who insist the church has not admitted its responsibility in decades of covering up those crimes. now, we're hearing that from vatican insiders there is a possibility right after the mass, the pope is going to meet victims here in england of abuse. something he did a few months ago in malta for the first time in which say people who attended that event moved him to tears. betty? >> thank you. whit johnson is at the news desk with the rest of the headlines. good morning, whit. >> good morning, everyone. in afghanistan, at least two civilians have been killed in insurgent attacks as voters head to the polls. today's parliamentary election is the first nationwide vote since last year's presidential
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election, which was marred by fraud. about 2500 candidates are vying for 249 seats. the governor of kandahar province survived an attempted car bombing as rockets struck major cities throughout the country. one of three american hikers held by iran on espionage charges is due back in the u.s. today. shourd has been in the persian gulf sultan of oman since freed tuesday. her fiance and a friend remain in iranian prison all three hiking in a mountainous area of northern iraq last year when they wandered into iranian territory and were arrested. the trapped mineres in chile could be rescued sooner than expected. workers drilled into a passage where the 33 men have taken refuge completing a 12-inch-wide borehole ahead of schedule of the next step is to start a hole 28 inches across wide enough for the miners to escape. the 33 men have been trapped underground for the last six
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weeks. a milestone in the gulf oil disaster. bp's blown-out oil well is expected to be permanently sealed today. five months after an explosion killed 11 workers and led to the worst offshore oil spill in u.s. history. crews friday started pumping cement into the well which couldn't be done until a relief well intersected with a blown-out well. that happened thursday. the food and drug administration is delaying its decision to expand its approval of the breast cancer drug avasta. an early study suggested it halted the pro graegs of the disease more than five months but two additional studies failed to substantiate those results. if approved many will not reimburse patients for the cost of the drug running more than $7,00000 a month. time for a check of weather again with
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>> make it a great day wherever you are. what a day we had in new york city going back to thursday official as of yesterday national weather service said two tornadoes touched down in new york city which of course includes staten iltd brooklyn queens we average in new york city maybe one tornado about every five years give or take -- we had two in one day. that's never happened in one year. >> number 9 and 10 since 1950. >> that's right. >> incredible. >> lonnie thank you. >> when we come back lindsay lohan, that wagon she was on o has fallen off again, apparently failed another drug test lindsay tweeting this morning, yep, it's true she failed again. a chilling connecticut home invasion one of two men standing trial but also at issue, did the police act fast enough? we'll have the latest on that.
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there are always two sides to every story. in week the horrific home invasion that left three members of a connecticut family dead has been at the top of the news. one suspect now stands trial court testimony revealed it took police over a half hour to get to the family home after a 911 call tipped them off. by then it was too late to save jennifer hawke-petit and her two daughters. the delay raises the question did the small-town force have the training and resources to save the victims? joining us to talk it over oh, bill stat ton, private investigators and former new york city police officer. good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> i just want to hear your side of this, your feelings. as a former police officer this has to bother you tremendously
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at the response time was as long as it was for something like . >> this is well absolutely. but first, let's say, these two gentlemen are evil personified. forotdefense to make the allegation that somehow the police department's fault this actually happened, you know that's horrendous, out of the question. but, there are a lot of questions that need to be asked and answered. >> do you think it is just as simple as it is cheshire an affluent town in connecticut, they don't have resources although you would think with the taxes people pay they would but not have the training or not know how to respond to a quote/unquote big city crime like this? >> we look at the history of the town. i venture to say a crime like this has never happened in that town. where do you spend the money, to a swat swat team or more community service? when this went down obviously they went prepared for it. the question that has to be answered, how much time could it have taken versus how much time did they take. >> what is the normal protocol? if you get a bank teller that calls 911 and says i have a woman in here taking out
8:21 am
$15,000, said her husband and kids are held against their will, what is the normal protocol? >> different police departments, different protocols. nypd one of the best in the world has something called a patrol guide, about two phone books thick. they anticipate everything. a small town in connecticut their protocols may be vastly different. >> wouldn't -- i would think law enforcement their immediate reaction upon hearing something like this would be jump into action get out and let's see what's going on. >> right. secure the perimeter, make sure one's inside or not. what they did is my understanding, they secured the perimeter, didn't even know if someone was inside. they were waiting for backup. >> do you think at some point, though they say to themselves we need to kind of reassess the way we train our police officers or the preparedness force,ing like this, so it doesn't again? >> absolutely. cops will put their lives on the line. if they hear something going down you need to stop that threat immediately. >> i'm not in any way saying this is the police's fault or
8:22 am
anything like those lines like you mentioned like you said earlier. we are basically talking about the fact the response could have been a little better. you've 45erd this testimony. have there been any glaring o migs or glang red flags that from a protocol standpoint that you have heard or something that said oh geez that's -- >> the only thing that makes me wince a bit is the fire department. also you know, the lag time the half hour you know setting up perimeter. they said there was a confusion period. how much of that confusion was actually versus the lack of training? it all goes to training and response. >> the other key the fire department was not on the scene when the fire did start. the police were essentially with a garden hose trying to -- >> that's right. that's right. . >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >> good to talk to you. next "under the radar." you are watching "the early show" here on cbs. bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family...
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and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
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the word is out. we don't need to introduce it bigger "under the radar," first mel gibson's secret stash, tmz posted picks of the hollywood pariah doing his best wilford brimly. why would mel want to do that? >> what kind of disgeese is that? he looks the same to me. >> you've got to get up pretty
8:25 am
early in the morning to fool us on "the early show," "under the radar." >> next up. this shows how rough the high seas can be. the "pacific sun" ran into an intense storm 400 miles off the coast of new zealand. this luxury ship weighs 40,000 tons, 12 decks high but no match for 25-foot swells. my goodness. nearly 60-mile-an-hour winds. british media reports 1700 passengers were on board at the time. you see one there on the ground goodness. luckily, only 42 were hurt. the cruise line offered passengers this a, get, this 25% discount on their next cruise. you may want to up the ante. two words of advice seat belts. >> we saw the entire lido desk go right to left there. our final clip feature, two feathered friends in a dance-off. jonathan a mackaw on the right and sadie, a cockatoo i get
8:26 am
confused on the right freestyling jonathan seems hesitant but trying the consensus on line that sadie won the competition claws down a little night at the roxbury going on? >> exactly. they are doing pretty well kind of impressed. >> nice job. >> all right. >> that's "under the radar." >> this is not "under the radar." >> no, unfortunately this is real lindsay lohan admits failing a drug test. could she go back to jail? what does that mean for a life seemingly spinning out of control. she said she was back in it and would get her career back together. >> wants to work on the cover of "vanity fair" her mom saying she doesn't have a problem and her dad on this show a number of times saying she does. maybe he's right maybe she needs more than the rehab facilities can provide. we'll have more when we come back. stay with us for some your
8:27 am
local news is next. for others we're coming right back. good morning, it's saturday, september 18th. here's what we're talking about this morning. it's been three days since the shooting occurred inside johns hopkins and today, the police continue to search for answer. john pardus shot his elderly mother's doctor, cohen when he heard about her progress notice. the doctor is in stable condition and he's expected to recover. and overnight, several were injured in an accident on i-65 near pairing parkway. one of the car flipped over and one was hospitalized and several were treated on the scene. one of the drivers attempted to
8:28 am
flee the accident and was arrested nearby. the results are in in baltimore and they'll have a new city state's attorney. jessamy conceded yesterday and bernstein is the nominee for city state's attorney. he edged out jessamy with over a thousand votes. he'll have to win in november now. and today's exclusive weather forecast looks like this, today will be beautiful, partly sunny and cloudy. 77 degrees and later
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welcome back to "the early show" on a saturday morning. i'm chris wragge. coming up why would a beautiful young girl throw acid in her own face. on the lighter side how to go green and save green with colder weather around the corner we have great energy-saving tips that will cut the electrical bills big time. all that kupg up but first betty has this. lindsay lohan is in trouble again. on friday night in a series of tweets on her twitter account lohan confirmed she failed her
8:31 am
most recent drug test saying quote i am taking responsibility for my actions and i'm prepared to face the consequences. the probation violation comes less than a month after leaving court-ordered rehab and could lead her back to jail. lindsay also spent two weeks behind bars after a pair of driving undrer the influence cases in 2007. joining me is will lee executive editor of thanks for being with us. people look at this and say, again? another situation where you are in trouble? we thought were you getting it together. let's talk about this one in particular. >> yes. >> if she failed this drug test she admits she did are we looking at automatic jail time. >> looks like she's going to have to go back for 30 days for one failed drug test and appears she actually failed two. the first drug test she failed last week was positive test for cocaine. >> the other one? >> we are hearing it is probably cocaine, as well. that hasn't been confirmed yet. but, it looked like she was
8:32 am
getting herself back together. although there were signs that she was sort of flaunting her new-found freedom. she bought a new porch, a new maserati going to the chateau mormont, old haunts and probably not hanging out with the right group of people for just having gotten out of jail. >> not just once but two times she's failed this drug test. you know, this is a young woman who says i'm out of jail i'm going to get my life back together, i am a serious actress. was it all just an act? >> well that's the whole point, really. look she's been acting since she was 8 years old, 7 years old. in some ways you know people talk about is shi bipolar or have psychiatric problem? maybe it's that she's been an actress her whole life and, in fact, that's what sort of bifurcates her life. she's an actress but then she has demons that really really haunt her. >> or is it that she really does have a serious drug problem? >> well absolutely. i think she does have a
8:33 am
substance abuse problem and we can't dismiss that. and that's a huge issue. but, at the same time, the sort of prevailing mentality and the way a lot of young hollywood lives in this sort of you know eternal summer camp with no adult supervision allows her to kind of live the life she wants without any consequence. >> speaking of consequences a lot of people say, where are her parents? what are they doing in all of this? are they helping her get her life back together? have you heard from them at all? >> i tell where you michael lohan is he is talking to a celebrity gossip site just hours after she admitted in the tweet saying if i had been in her life she would not have tested positive. the mother it's unclear. she seems to think that lindsay doesn't have a problem and yet, obviously, repeatedly, this happens. so the parents, i think the biggest problem for lindsay, she doesn't really have strong parental figure. look at britney spears her father stepped into her life and she's back on track.
8:34 am
>> lindsay's parents have been feuding quite some time now. >> in some ways she is a victim of their inability to help her. >> let me ask you this, could this be her last strike? we've seen her, you know, go to jail now, fail two drug tests. if something else happens, is she going to see some serious prison time. >> i don't know that serious jail time. i mean she's a drug abuser. she's not a -- creating any danger for anybody, except for herself, really. on the other hand, the question is how is she going to work in hollywood. >> right. is her career over? >> really the biggest question. many people have had a lot of drug problems in hollywood and they get back on track, they work again. will lindsay be able to do it remains to be seen. >> america likes a comeback story, though. >> they do. >> a lot of people are rooting for her and hope that she gets well. >> indeed. >> that's the key. thank you so much for your information today. we appreciate it. >> over to lonnie quinn for another check of the weather.
8:35 am
>> good morning to you, guys. a great crowd out here today on a saturday. this crowd right here a lot of southern belles. you are from where? >> from black foot south carolina. >> where are you ladies from? >> northeast texas. >> now look. these are the real housewives of gilmer texas, right there. get them a tv show and let's get to the weather because here's the forecast map. a couple of high pressure systems dominating our weather. if you look at where the rain is resting right now, yeah a little bit around the great lakes, a lot of rain down around southern texas. let's take a look at exactly what we are dealing, with all the leftovers of what was karl. but it is still putting down a lot of rain two to four inches from san antonio to corpus christi, local flooding will be a problem all the way through this evening. that's a quick look at one little portion of the country. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend.
8:36 am
>> we're happy to be here all happy to be out and about. chris, inside you to. >> thanks so much. we'll check back in minutes. just ahead here police say beth bethany storro threw acid on her own face. the question is why. we'll ask a psychologist next. this is "the early show" here on cbs. at sharp, our goal is to reproduce every color in the world on tv. introducing
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you full and focused with more than double the fiber and whole grain... in every tasty bite -- frrrrrrosted mini-wheeeeats! didn't know i had it in me. her story shocked america and inspired an outpourg of national simp they've. bethany sorrow just moved to portland claimed a stranger walked up to her on the street and threw a cup of acid on her face. but as the police checked her story they say she admitted
8:40 am
another bombshell. stordz row splashed it on her own face and last night her stricken parents had this to say. >> sio's obviously dealing with some deep internal emotional and psychological problems that we had no knowledge of and we hope that she'll get the help that she needs. >> joining us now to explain why someone would possibly do this psychologist dr. jeffrey garde reds. good to see you this morning. >> great to see you. >> the question on everyone's mind what would compel someone to do this to themselves. >> obviously very deep emotional issues, a cry for help wanting the attention of others and i think some might say a situation that is akin to something called munchhausen syndrome where people fake illnesses or even injury themselves in order to get medical attention in order to get sympathy from others especially from medical staffs. >> you say this has -- exhibits some straits of munchhausen but does not at the same time. right. >> we know a lot of people who
8:41 am
have munchhausens create the illness and quite often may not injury themselves but seeing more and more cases where they actually cause a physical injury that will result in their getting surgeries, and so on. >> you talk about doing this as maybe a cry for help or cry for attention but the extent of this act, throwing acid on a face like this does that say something more of what we're dealing with here just the magnitude of what she did to herself? >> absolutely because most folks who have munchhausen's, they don't injury themselves so severely on the outside that they could destroy their lives. so as the parents have said here she has very deep emotional issues, maybe looking at some depression, something going on maybe some sort of abuse as a child or perhaps she didn't get the attention she needed as a child, maybe her hearing disability plays into sxash baiting whatever emotional issues she has as far as
8:42 am
communicating to the world in a much more appropriate manner as to what her needs may be. >> are there signs, though, someone is on the brink of this type of behavior? >> yeah, there are signs and i think perhaps her parents may be in denial about that perhaps getting a lot of medical attention or constantly complaining of having some sort of medical symptoms or even being very depressed or anxious or having some sort of obsessive/compulsive disorder. where there is smoke there is fire. this just doesn't happen out of the blue. >> is this the type of person just -- for some reason, the severity of throwing acid on one's face, is tht type of person that's probably going to need to be almost on like a 24-hour watch for the foreseeable future? >> that's a great question. we see people who do certain things like this not to this extent but who have been treated for munchhausen's, they have a higher probability of drug abuse and suicidal ideation. obviously wanting to hurt one's self in that y to such an extent tells me this is almost a
8:43 am
suicidal act in some way and should be watched and is probably being on some sort of observation at the hospital. >> your professional opinion, what now happens, facial injuries clearing up aside, now what type of counseling what type of therapy, i mean what does she need? >> well she'll be evaluated to whether psychiatric medications can help her, if there is a deeper emotional problem such as an anxiety or depression or ocd. so they will be looking at all of that. obviously, a lifetime of psychotherapy and just as importantly, she will have to have family therapy with her parents so that they can support her emotionally through these issues so she doesn't do something like this again. >> if the parents did have any idea that there was something going on to lead up to this i think now -- >> as with many families, they are this denial about these sorts of things but credit them that they addressing it now. >> thank you so much. good to see you. >> always a pleasure. >> betty? coming up on our saturday
8:44 am
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8:47 am
good morning. kel come back. fall officially begins this wednesday with the colder weather brings higher electric bills. fear not. we have easy and inexpensive ways to conserve around the house and save you big bucks. good morning, john. >> good morning. >> let's save us money and get right to it. first we have these light bulbs. how much does that save? >> the 75% more efficient an incandescent bulb and last ten percent longer ten times longer. >> they cost more right. >> about five bucks a bulb but if everybody in the country changed one in their house we would be able to light up three
8:48 am
million homes for a year. >> are you serious? >> and save over $600 million. >> that's just one light bulb if everyone in america would change one light bulb to one of these it would save over $600 million. >> $600 million. >> that's convincing for me. these things last for quite a while, don't they? >> yeah. this'll last up to 55,000 hours. >> that's not bad. and they are not as hot as your typical ones. >> not as hot and give off less heat. >> moving to the bathroom shall we. you have this shower head. why is this something people should determine they should maybe change in their home? >> this is a low flow okay. if your showerhead has been in there sense 1992 lets a flow out of 5.5 gallons per minute. this is 2.5 gallons per minute or less. so you're going -- less water is coming out with this shower head. it really saves a lot of water. >> are you going to get that nice shower yamplsts you'll get a nice stream of water. >> even with the lower
8:49 am
philosophy. >> yes. >> all right. i have a lot of these inside my house. didn't install them but pretty easy. >> as you can see, this is the insulation okay. and a lot of people have their pipe exposed, right? you take this this is precut. you wrap it around the pipe okay. tape it and it will save you 9% on your energy bill. >> 9%. >> a significant savings. >> and super easy. it is already there and all you have to do is wrap it around the pipe but have to seal it off, right? >> you have to seal it off. you can't get any easier than that. >> even i could do this right? >> kudo it. >> these filters, if you don't change a filter how much can that cost you? >> well 25% of your energy bill. >> that's a lot. >> these things are great. they clean the air, as well. okay? you have to change them one to three times a month. >> a month? >> a sgloont i've been changing it about three times a year. >> yeah. >> maybe that's why when i pull it out it's all black.
8:50 am
>> right. >> that means you are breathing in that air. >> breathing in dirty air, not good for rirps tory system. people get sick from these. you have to change them. >> it doesn't cost that much. >> $20. >> that's it. and these space heaters, these are fairly inexpensive and they're pretty efficient, aren't they. >> you know these are great because, instead of turning on your whole heating system if you just want to heat up a room buy one of these. $20 for this one. they range from 20 to $140. >> how much does it save? >> it saves a bunch of mon. you know the exact number i don't know. >> drew: don't have to turn the heat on for the entire house, just heat the one room. >> exactly. i recommend an electric one as opposed to propane or gas. >> all right. then we have the windows, which can really let out a lot of heat and that's what you don't want to do in those colder winter times. >> yeah. we lose one-third of our heat through windows and doors. so this is a great thing to use, called window film. i put this on just before the show. and all you do is stick it on
8:51 am
the window t. comes with an application kit. >> spray that on the window. >> spray it on the window. spray this the other side spray this side and squeegee it. and it goes on nice and easy. it took me less than five minutes and it'll help retain 55% of the heat in your home. >> inside the home. that sounds like it would be good for the summertime to keep the heat outside but it also works for the wintertime as well. >> it works in both seasons and will stop 75% of solar heat gain inside your home. >> really? that is quite a deal there. these cost how much? >> this is 30 bucks and looks like wrapping paper, as easy as can be to install. >> john great tips. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> for more on energy savings head to our website cbs ahead next hour the lady and the gator. it is a tale you have to see to believe. we have it right here exclusively. this is "the early show" on cbs.
8:52 am
8:53 am
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8:55 am
that's right. they are excited and why, you ask? >> we have some of the sexiest movie scenes. >> ever. >> ever. >> at least in our -- at least in our estimation. we've thought long and hard about this. >> difficult for you. mine came pretty quickly. one of my favorite scenes is this from "dirty dancing." take a look. >> ready? and go. good. good. now, hold the position. hold it. good. >> we'll see the dancing after that. it doesn't have to be a sex scene to be a sexy scene. >> no this is sexy. >> exactly. one of my favorites of that movie when says nobody puts baby in a corner. >> what was about that made it so sexy for you? >> i don't know just a beautiful scene and they were coming
8:56 am
together as a pair. yeah, don't get me going down that road. >> all right. now -- now this is the one that i came up with we'll go back to 1983 rebecca demournay tom cruise. on a subway. this is from "risky business" unlike yours, mine actually is a sex scene. >> you went there. >> not only sex scene but there was a little -- subway never the same. there you go the music can mean everything. a classic, classic movie. we have "risky business" fans? the kids are a little young but i will say i thought this -- i was 13 years old at the time and -- >> right. >> need i say more? >> i think they started to date after this movie. >> we'll talk about your guys' sexy movie in a second but you know what we have coming up -- gator woman, 5'5" versus a
8:57 am
13 -- o. >> look at that thing. >> -- guess who won. you can see who won. the one still walking around. we've got that coming up an exclusive here on "the early good morning, it's saturday, september 18th. here's what we're talking about this morning. it's been three days since the shooting occurred inside johns hopkins and today, the police continue to search for answer. john pardus shot his elderly mother's doctor, cohen when he heard about her progress notice. the doctor is in stable condition and he's expected to recover. and overnight, several were injured in an accident on i-65 near pairing parkway. one of the car flipped over and one was hospitalized and several were treated on the scene. one of the drivers attempted to
8:58 am
flee the accident and was arrested nearby. the results are in in baltimore and they'll have a new city state's attorney. jessamy conceded yesterday and bernstein is the nominee for city state's attorney. he edged out jessamy with over a thousand votes. he'll have to win in november now. and today's exclusive weather forecast looks like this, today will be beautiful, partly sunny and cloudy. 77 degrees and later
8:59 am
♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
9:00 am
monster storms, karl batters mexico's gulf coast, killing two as igor now a category 2 hurricane, gathers strength in the atlantic and threatens to wreak havoc on the east coast. van der sloot's visitor. how did beth twitty sneak into a peruvian prison. did her surprise visit endanger charges against him? double-crossing da. a wisconsin d.a. who sent 30 salacious text messages to a woman facing charges -- we have an exclusive interview. girl versus gator.
9:01 am
how did this 5'5" woman capture this gator 13 feet long? she tells us her story exclusively. we welcome you to "the early show" on this saturday morning, september 18th, 2010. yes, siree, they are fired up. beautiful day in manhattan so far. i'm chris wragge. >> i'm betty nguyen for erica hill. you know why they are fired up? >> why. >> we have ross anne cash today, folks. she will performing live. looking forward to that, grammy-award winner. >> we have that in moments and also have experts, sexiest movie scenes of all time. you've heard our choices. guess, what we have got experts here. we'll talk about that coming up. first, let's get you caught up on this morning's headlines.
9:02 am
whit? >> thanks gaen. good morning everyone. bermuda is bracing for a direct hit from hurricane igor, a large and potentially dangerous storm whose powerful rip tides could threaten the u.s. east coast. at least two people are dead after hurricane karl struck central mexico. damage is extensive. karl has since weakened to a tropical depression. far out in the atlantic hurricane julia has been downgraded to a tropical storm. they made a daring decision to run for their lives and saved their lives. two of the three people taken hostage at the discovery channel earlier this month are talking about the day they will never forget. andrea mccarren from our affiliate wsua reports. >> reporter: a normal workday at discovery abrupt al terrifying four-hour ordeal a. gunman strapped with explosives took two employees and a security guard hostage and launched into a bizarre interrogation. >> who told you to have kids?
9:03 am
>> no one, sir. >> you just dit. you just did it. was -- was -- did nobody love you? you had to make somebody to love you? why two kids? one wasn't good enough? >> it was the most powerless i think i've ever felt. it was the hardest moment in my life. it was that moment that everyone talks about looking death straight in the face. >> the hostages didn't want to die. through a series of hand signals, they planned their escape. >> then i noticed christopher was trying to get my attention. i looked over and he had his arms folded putting three fingers over his arm. he i shook my head yes. i look over and christopher is almost out the door and i had that realization, oh my god. so, i got behind the pillar and tried to secure myself and a voice like went off in my head run, you can't stay here he's going to come after you. >> the gunmen was shot he dead. the lives of two men forever
9:04 am
changeedd changed. >> she may be down but not out. alaska senator lisa murkowski suffered a stunning loss to tea party candidate jill miller and the republican primary but she is not calling it quits just yet. she plans to mount a write-in com pain in an effort to retain her seat but faces tough odds. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell and other gop leaders have refutesed to support her effort. former president jimmy carter says americans could have had a national health care plan years ago had it not been for the late senator ted kennedy. mr. carter spoke with "60 minutes" correspondent leslie sthahl. >> the fact is we would have had comprehensive health care now had it not been for ted kennedy's deliberately blocking the legislation that i proposed in 1978 or '79. >> and you blame teddy for the failure. >> exactly. >> health care his issue. >> exactly. it was his fault. ted kennedy killed the bill.
9:05 am
>> there you have it. catch her entire "60 minutes" interview with the former president tomorrow night at 7:00 eastern on cbs. about four minutes past the hour. we now head back outside to lonnie quinn with more on the weather. >> good morning to you, whit. good morning, everybody. we've got the cheerleaders from st. johnsville in staten island. next week are touching at the touch of tunnel of towers run. i know it is in memory of your brother. >> on 9/11 my brother ran through with his gear on his back and we do this to honor all firefighters who perished. >> 25,000 people will take place. thank you very much. a quick l
9:06 am
all right. as far as the run goes our own chris wragge will be host with you. >> that's right. >> inside to betty ja an attorney for bet twitty mother of natalee holloway confirms she met with joran van der sloot in a jail in peru, the bring suspect in her disappearance and also been charged in a plot to extort a quarter million dollars from twitty. but, did the visit endanger the case against van der absolute? michael griffith joins us from new york an international criminal attorney with the latest on this. the first thing i want to o ask you, by meeting with van der absolute does this jeopardize the case in any way? >> well first, welcome to the
9:07 am
backyard of my home and i'd like to say to you this was a very inappropriate thing that she did. she use the very bad judgment. let me tell you why it could hurt the case. she's a complaintant in a case in alabama for extortion, where van der sloot took money from her. since she's a possible witness, this could be con trued as possible witness tampering. i don't know what he said to her but even if he was inclined to speak to her, by bringing this fellow van der breeze with her, the reporter who had already once tricked van der slooth into giving a confession, i'm sure she would have shut up seeing him there with mrs. twitty. >> so possible tampering with a witness. she could face charges because of this? >> it is not that she could face charges in the states but it could certainly hurt her -- hurt her case in the states for extortion. i mean if she wants to find out where her daughter is there's a simple way of doing it.
9:08 am
the u.s. maintains jurisdiction over their citizens who have been harmed around the world -- we maintain in our embassies, for example in peru there is an fbi office. they could cut a deal with van dersloot's lawyers down there to have them tell -- have him tell where the body is because he's going to be facing charges in the united states and he could conceive help himself by cooperating. >> very quickly, i want to ask this. i think a lot of people who hear this story wonder how in the world did she get inside that prison. do you have any idea? >> you know i have been in peruvian prisons. usually, in the old days the security was very lax. in fact i was once trapped -- and for a couple of cigarettes i was able to get out. but the castro castro is a very difficult prison to get into.
9:09 am
you have to o go through a body scanner and have to give a passport. i don't know how she got in there. if she did something inproemt she could face charges down there. i represented -- >> michael, we are simply out of time. i'd love to speak with you will not resign after sending zebsually explicit text messages to a domestic abuse victim. >> reporter: in a brief statement he admitted to texting the 26-year-old about starting a personal relationship while prosecuting her ex-boyfriend for domestic abuse. >> my behavior was inappropriate. i'm embarrassed and for the choices that i made and the fault was mine alone. >> he apologized to her but said he would not step down. >> i've been a prosecutor for 25
9:10 am
years and, as most of you are aware, have been a zealous activist for the rights of crime victims during that entire time. >> she went to police after getting 30 texts from the d.a. in three days one reads "are you the kind of girl that likes secret contact with an older, married elected d.a. the riskier, the better"? several are calling for his resignation including the wisconsin coalition against domestic violence and the wisconsin district attorneys' association. >> i hope to regain the trust of the crime victims community. >> reporter: he ended his statement saying he is now engaged in psychotherapy and may consider personal time off as his court calendar allows. >> jining us exclusively is her attorney michael fox, from madison, wisconsin. thank you for taking the time. during a press conference yesterday. district attorney apologized for his quote/unquote lack of
9:11 am
respect. does your client accept his apology? >> my client didn't pay much attention to his apology, since it came about a year after it probably should properly have been given. >> what -- i mean are your thoughts right now for this district attorney? should he be disbarred, penalized -- you heard in the report right there he is going to seek therapy as his court calendar permits. your thoughts? >> well i guess my thoughts on that particular situation, my individual thoughts are that this is typical of every politician and entertainer who gets into trouble after -- and these are the things they say after they're caught. as i said to one question,er, it doesn't take much to text "i'm sorry" after you text the message messages that in essence
9:12 am
threaten someone in a very vulnerable position. if it takes him a year to do that only after asked to step down only after he had retained private counsel and only after he, i understand received a carry to the governor. it doesn't carry much meaning -- >> do you think he should be disbarred? >> disbarment is an entirely different issue. the issue right here is what a pub blib official's obligation is and whether he's compromised his own mission? he's compromised the mission of that office. and he's not only compromised the mission of his office but he's compromised the mission of other district attorneys' offices who have to engender and keep the trust of people who come to them for their protection and who come to them in very vulnerable situations. that's what the district attorneys' association said in in its letter. i couldn't agree with them more. >> let me quickly ask you it
9:13 am
seems pretty egregious i'm sure to the people at home. what do you think should be done? how should he be reprimanded? >> uh i think that the district attorney's association suggested he stepped down. that's a self -- kind of a self-sanction. he claims he self-sanctioned himself by stepping down from the victims' panel. but, as i understand it he stepped down from that panel only after he was exposed, not after he engaged in this behavior. i don't have a specific recommendation for a regulatory penalty. my function is as a private attorney. >> got it. okay. >> i will see what private sanctions are available to him. one of those would be a claim against him for a violation of my client's civil rights and i'm fully prepared to investigate that claim -- complete that investigation. >> mr. fox, thank you very much for taking the time to speak
9:14 am
with us this morning. we do appreciate it. >> sure. >> coming up lady versus a gator, only 5'5" but didn't stop her from capturing a thousand-pound reptile. we'll talk to her exclusively when we come back. you are watching "the early show" on cbs. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ mom ] game time is all about the traditions. it's all about the tackles and the touchdowns... and watching my boys do what they do. but for me, it's even more than that. game time is about our time. together. [ female announcer ] get low prices on all your favorites for the game. save money. live better. walmart. look at all this stuff for coffee. oh there's tons. french presses expresso tampers, filters. it can get really complicated. not nearly as complicated as shipping it, though. i mean shipping is a hassle. not with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. that is easy. best news i've heard
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she's five feet five inches weighing in at 115 pounds. her opponent over a thousand pounds and 13 feet long. look at that. mary ellen marachristian went out on a south carolina lake hunting for alligators. boy did she find one. somehow she fought the gator and actually won. in an early show exclusive she joins us along with her husband mark. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> i've got to ask you how in the world did you hook this gator, over a thousand pounds?
9:18 am
>> well i had help. we went on a blacks' camp and we were in a boat and what you do on an alligator hunt is first your initial strike on the alligator is with a fishing pole and it has very heavy braided line on it with like about 100 test -- >> it grabbed onto that and then you are fighting with it. and what happens next? >> um, well we stuck him with a harpoon. >> goodness. >> we had two lines on him, got him with a harpoon. >> you had no idea how big this thing was, correct? >> oh, no no. kevin davis, who was with us he thought it was probably a ten-foot gator, which was what we were hoping for. so i had no idea it was that big. >> and how did you get him on the boat? >> we didn't get him on the boat. once we got him settleded down and we were able to tie him to the side of the boat and we were able to dispatch him and when
9:19 am
the whole fight was over after we think was probably at least a couple hours, we just had -- we just came into the boat ramp and he was tied up next to the boat. >> i want to show our audience this comparison graphic because it really tells the story here. 5'5", 115 pounds that's you. the gator, 13'6", over 1,000 pounds. it was a tough fight. you say it took two hours. mark you a pretty big guy. your wife i struggling with this gator. what in the world were you doing, taking pictures? >> no i helped her. >> you did? >> it was a big tug-of-war. yes, we had a couple darts in it with harpoons and just a tug-of-war of a lifetime. >> how much help did he provide, mary ellen? >> he provided lots of help. i think what was really neat the experience itself, there were three of us we all had a task at handing. we were all holding onto ropes. i mean that's like a truck under the water and you are just holding on with all your might.
9:20 am
so, really i know i had the tag, but you can't possibly do that by yourself. >> no not at all. well, you got a lot of alligator meat to figure out what do with now. >> we do. >> we apprereciate you sharing your story with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up next a grammy winner from a truly legendary family joins us in our zekd cup cafe rosanne cash. one appetizer plus two entrees equals chili's $20 dinner for two. share one of five appetizers like our famous texas cheese fries. then choose two freshly prepared entrees from 14 chili's favorites, like our chicken crispers with new sweet & smoky sauce, our new slow-smoked honey chipotle baby back ribs, or grilled all-white meat chicken fajitas served over a bed of sizzling peppers and onions. grab a friend and get one appetizer plus two entrees with chili's $20 dinner for two.
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9:24 am
finding her own voice in her new best selling memoir "composed" so glad to welcome her to our "second cup cafe". >> good morning. >> how excited are you about "composed" with a candid look back at your career your relationship with your father everything. >> my relationship with all of my parents, and hi several. yeah, and it's you know i try -- it's not a lineiar kind of straight chronology, somewhat poetic and how songs led me on journeys in my life and, obviously, my family. >> what was that relationship like with your father you talk a lot in the book about him not being around as muching a obviously his struggle with drugs that. had to have an affect on you. >> sure. it would have an effect on anybody. >> on anybody, yeah. >> but, you know there was something redeeming later on when he got clean and sober and i went on the road with him and everything got better you know? and we had a very close relationship through my whole life. >> 1973, you sat down.
9:25 am
he wrote down 100 songs that you needed to know country music -- >> yeah yeah. >> your lesson something you need to know. you covered 12 of those. >> on the last record yes. >> on the last record. what was that like to get that type of lesson and how did it help you? >> as an 18-year-old when he gave it to me i thought this was a really nice thing dad gave me and i took it seriously and i learned the songs and i must have known how important it was because i saved all these years and i didn't think about making a record based on it until i lost him, in that way he don't really realize what your parents give you until they are gone. >> we would love to hear you sing now, if you don't mind. >> all right. this is john leventhal with me. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the lights in the harbor ♪ ♪
9:26 am
♪ don't shine for me ♪ ♪ and i'm like a long ship ♪ ♪ adrift on the sea ♪ ♪ the sea of heartbreak ♪ ♪ lost love and loneliness ♪ ♪ memories of your caress ♪ ♪ ♪ i wish you were mine ♪ ♪ among a sea of tears, a sea of heartbreak ♪ ♪ how did i lose you ♪ ♪ oh where did i fail ♪ ♪ and why did you leave me he ♪
9:27 am
♪ always to sail ♪ ♪ the sea of heartbreak ♪
9:28 am
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it's time for fios. that's right. excitement in the air this morning. welcome back to "the early show" i'm chris wragge. >> good morning, everybody i'm betty nguyen. get out the popcorn and slip into something comfortable. we have the sexiest movie scenes of all time. >> that will get you excited. you know what else? you know what time it is betty. >> 15 seconds of fame game. >> that's right. ready for it. >> the folks at home you are graduating to 15 seconds of fame giving a lucky member of our crowd a chance at a gift from our "chef on a shoestring". the prize, a gift basket full of
9:31 am
some of daniel's favorite gourmet ingredients to cook like the greats all you have to do is answer an than "early show" trivia question in 15 seconds. whose' ready for that. >> ready. >> we picked someone during the commercial break. come this way this is jackie holder. where are you from? >> what you did say. >> where are you from? >> gillmer, texas. >> i love it. >> she couldn't answer that one, no way she'll get this. jackie, your question we'll put 15 seconds on the screen at home. >> concentrate. >> this is your 15 seconds of fame. what city did lonnie quinn work for -- work in rather, before coming to new york what city did lonnie quinn work in before coming to new york. the clock starts now. >> going to miami! >> oh she didn't even need help on that. >> that's right. we've got a winner our first 15 seconds of fame. since you only used three, we'll give you five more. so what do you do?
9:32 am
>> okay. i'm a stay-at-home-mom. i work for a chiropractor. >> here's the gift stuff. >> all kinds of stuff a. bit of everything. i'm so excited. >> nice job. >> congratulations. >> jackie holder what a way to go. >> drink responsibly. >> we love a winner, we love a winner. >> chef daniel will be cooking up a four-star meal for us in just a few minutes. >> but first, another check of the weather with the aforementioned lonnie quinn who, of course -- >> i'm thinking guys a little drought on trivia questions? >> we want to make one easy. let's talk some weather out there, because you guys want to know about weather, you want to xhoeshgs i've got a bitterday girl right here but first of all right to it all you visiting in new york city have a nice and calm day in new york. 39 hours ago, it's been confirmed two tornadoes touched down here. boy, i will say, though the nice weather in place for today,
9:33 am
not just for new york city but for a good chunk of the country. a little bit of wet weather now around the great lakes but much heavier wet weather around south texas, okay? that kind of weather we are talking maybe two to four inches of rain all associated with what was karl, so some local flooding a problem there but a good chunk of the country, clear skies out there. that's a quick look at the national picture. wow! here's a look at the weather for your weekend. >> and we have not just one sign, two signs with an arrow for the birthday girl. what's your name. >> hazl ed. >> happy birthday my friends. let's get inside to chris.
9:34 am
>> miami or abilene? up next our experts rate the sexiest movie scenes of all time. >> is your favorite on the list? well, we'll see. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ur card please. excuse me...? this belongs to you... you. excuse me... this is yours... thank you! you're welcome. with chase freedom you can get a total of 5% cash back in your pocket. fun money from freedom. this is yours! thank you! what? that's 5% cash back in quarterly bonus categories all year long. does your card do this? sign up for this quarter's bonus today. chase what matters. go to activia is better than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm! wow! i can't believe it i love it! mmm, this is really good! new best tasting activia ever!
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9:37 am
okay. the fall movie season is upon us promising an autumn chockful of box office hits and oscar contenders. >> what better way to celebrate than with the sexiest movies of all time. here with their picks, author of forthcoming "stories my father taught me" film critic jeffrey lions our special contributor jill dobbson. good morning to you both. >> hi. >> when we talk about these sexiest scenes some, are tricky to pull off. because if they are not done in the right way they can come off cheesy, right? how do you go about doing it in the right way? >> it's what it doesn't show that makes these scenes we've both chosen sexy. one thing to show full disclosure, so to speak but the audience is thinking happens next is often makes them a classic scene. >> good acting is a key. a lot of the people we've picked are oscar winners, nominees they can pull it off but a lesser actor it might become funny. >> does a sexy scene not being
9:38 am
pulled off correctly does it kill the rest of the movie for you guys. >> embarrassing particular al couple in real life embarrassing like you are looking through their window. that's why ben affleck will never work with his wife he said the other day because people don't want to see -- tracy and hepburn could do it. >> that nicole kidman movie a couple years ago. let's get to your choices. starting you, your number three pick. third, second and third. this is your third pick. >> "spider-man" the upside down kiss. this took a lot of takes. one of the sexy parts is who is "spider-man" even if she doesn't suspect him she doesn't take the mask off. at the end of the kiss she as a big kiss so we know it is a good
9:39 am
kiss. >> mine is "from here and eternity" at the end of the scene she's not going to hear it she said i never knew it could be like this a big scandal, a lot of reasons, it regenerated frank sinatra's scene but this scene from 1953 was a real cause celeb. >> let's get to number two. i think a lot of people remember this, jill one of your favorites. >> i think we can listen to it. there's a quote here everyone has heard. >> well, no, i hasn't thought of it. >> just shut up. you had me at hello. >> i love you. >> yes, she says "you had me at hello" follows him saying "you complete me" two of the most quoted lines of 1996 the things every woman wants to hear from the guy pursuing her. even the women in the room -- the room surrounding them her sister and bitter women even
9:40 am
melted a bit, as everyone watching. >> slightly cheesy, though. >> i don't know. >> okay. >> a pick-up line. >> mine one of the most famous zones in the history of the movies from my favorite all-time "the graduate" in one of the great scenes of the history of the movies. >> mrs. robinson you're trying to seduce me. aren't you? >> well, no i hadn't thought of it. >> what did you find there. >> two great actors. if you go to youtube and type it in you will see six or seven different college actors doing the same scene and see why they weren't chosen for the movie. it was dustin hoffman's second film made him an international star and anne bancroft one of several considered for that
9:41 am
role -- and it worked out perfectly. no matter how many times i see it, i love it. >> remember one word "plastic" my uncle, walter brooks. >> really? >> i thought i knew everything about that movie. >> let's get your number one starting with you. >> why do you think it is sexiest. you tell me. >> i don't don't know. i want to hear. >> the eating scene from tom jones and and actress joyce joyce redmond, now 92 she got an oscar. this took three days to film and constantly talks to the screen. hardly a word is spoken and remains for me the sexiest scene ever. it's what it implies an older woman with a younger man it is a bawdy scene, not so much about love but lust. that's why it is a very sexy scene. she's still alive this actress. >> you like leaving it to your imagination. jill i think many would agree with yours, yours is.
9:42 am
>> "ghost" the pottery scene. he comes in and she's making pottery. all of a sun den the beautiful vase doesn't matter even to her and establishes how beautiful this scene is and "unchained melody" brings up -- >> it brought up the popularity of clay also. thanks to both of you. daniel hung is picking up roasted chicken with many other things in "chef on a shoestring" stay with us. you watching "the early show" on cbs. whatcha doing little bite™? trying to be big like you, dad. you're so good at keeping everyone full... and focused with your fiber. [ laughs ] but you already are great at doing that. really? sure. you're made with
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to learn more. p@ attorney and i understand there are always two side to every story. oh looks good looks good. calling him the best chef in new york city his restaurant 11
9:46 am
madison park received no less than four stars from the "new york times," today our "chef on a shoestring" preparing a four-star meal under $40. great to see you. good morning. >> great to see you. >> congratulations on everything, all the accolades. so great to have you this morning. that's right, he deserves a round of applause. what's on the menu preparing this morning? >> first we have a red endive salad with mans go and buffalo mozzarella then roasted chick chen with sweet corn and for dessert a chocolate caramel tarte. >> that looks really g. let's start here. >> we have the endive prepared we use the red, it is a little bitter, you can use the regular for another type. >> does that add to your taste, obviously, the flavor you're going for, the bitterness of the red endive is that why you choose that. >> really i like that for the fall or winters and we offset the bitterness with the
9:47 am
sweetness of 9 mango. vine gret with olive oil and lemon juice. fresh basil here. >> fresh basil. >> and a little sea salt to season and toss it very lightly and put it on the plate. >> i see you've got beautiful buffalo mozzarella there, huh? >> yeah. what i like about the buffalo mozzarella it's you know buffalo mozzarella is a little fattier so the texture is a lot nicer. >> the fattier the better right. >> the fattier the better. >> may i try a little? >> please. here for the roast chicken, here we have a beautiful chicken on the outside. we're just going to put some salt, also salt inside. >> the basil makes that. >> enjoy it? >> lovely. >> one other trick for you at home, you really should do this we just have a whole lemon and are going to score it just with
9:48 am
the knife a little bit. >> poke holes in it. >> and we put the whole lemon with rosemary just inside the chicken and also helps give the chicken a great shape. and we're going to put it in the oven just like that. >> how long are we cooking this chicken for? >> no about 35 minutes. >> 35 minutes? >> okay. >> 35 minutes later. voila. >> here we already broke it down. >> it's and everything. what a great o oven. you are the best in the city. >> yeah. >> we have -- >> here we have [ inaudible ] shan trel and corn. you can think of it almost like a brown rice. it cooks about 45 minutes and we cook it just like a ri so the to. >> yes. what else? >> one thing that's really cool here, in the end, we have here a little corn pudding. and corn pudding, you make by reducing just corn juice from
9:49 am
the natural corn starch it thickens. >> and gives the consistency. >> the nice creaminess as you can see here. >> oh yeah. sprf also here we have the ferrell. >> i'll try it. i don't want to eat what you are preparing. >> why do you keep making a mess of my plates chris? >> we have the chicken, some herbs. you've got to be fast around here. okay. >> then for dessert, this is like a real guilty pleasure of mine chocolate and sea sault, i love it chocolate caramel and sea salt. >> who doesn't love chocolate. >> we sprinkle with this type of sea salt for a nice texture. >> gang get it in here, it is dessert time. you want to try. >> this that's what i'm going
9:50 am
for. >> skip the meal and go for the dessert. >> everyone with lonnie betty -- let's see exactly how you d. we gave you $40, the chef in all of new york city. you must have come -- you did, by a nudge, $39.79 congratulations. on our how low can you go bill telepan came in at 37.01 in first place right now but this is fantastic, really really g. now we have a new wrinkle, this week on our "chef on a shoestring" we'll ask you at home what we should cook next week. here's the menu either grilled pork tacos. spaghetti with pesto. and for spiced chicken kabobobs dial. standard data and message rates apply. we had to throw in that disclaimer. it will cost a bit of money but, you know we'll save you money. a trade-off. great to see you. >> thank you.
9:51 am
>> to fine jeff daniels' recipe go online. all these wonderful recipes from daniel and our past chefs are there for your viewing pleasure. do not go away. when we come back rosanne with another performance here on "the early show." give the man a round of applause. at sharp, our goal is to reproduce every color in the world on tv. introducing quattron quadpixel technology it adds a fourth color, yellow to the standard rgb color system creating a vast array of colors you can't see with your tv's 3 color technology. but, you can see this... wow! oh my. [ male announcer ] quattron from sharp. you have to see it, to see it. [ takei laughs ] ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪ ♪ dreams of land meet sea, deliciously
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oh yeah. there you go. >> book-em dano. >> one of the puppies in the litter is still playing. >> lonnie. >> you heard the music. lonnie quiet down for a second. monday on "the early show," dave price with a look behind the scenes at the new "hawaii five-o" series which premieres monday night. the long awaited, often imitated see if it is not duplicated on cbs "hawaii five-0" and patti
9:55 am
patti lapone you don't want to miss that. >> thanks for coming up from d.c. good luck getting back to the district. lonnie always great to have you. you know we love you. >> thank you, chris. >> more from rosaane cash and her great hit "seven-year ache." everyone have a great weekend. bye-bye for now! ♪ ♪ ♪ you act like you just make me but a memory feeling all right ♪ ♪ who does your papa belong to today ♪ ♪ maybe you don't say nothing feelin' this way ♪ ♪ the girls in the bar sayin' who is this guy ♪
9:56 am
♪ you look so careless when it starts mchg ♪ ♪ don't you try to kill the seven-year ache ♪ ♪ see what else your old heart can take ♪ ♪ boy, when is it going to give us some room ♪ mf ♪ saying god, i hope it comes back soon ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ -- captions by vitac --
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